Jordan Mims

Youth Pastor and Speaker

  • Youth Services
  • Sunday Morning Worship Services
  • SYATP Rallies
  • 5th Quarter Events
  • International Mission Trip Services

Speaking Experience

2001 - 2006

Augusta State University

Bachelor of Arts in Communications

While at Augusta State University, my major concentration focused on Speech Communications along with a minor in Drama. Throughout my studies, I learned the art and skill set needed to be a great communicator, as well as, how to maintain a great stage presence.  I have been able to take these skills and incorporate them into my preaching and teaching of God's Word.

One of my main hobbies is watching football, especially the San Francisco 49ers.  When not watching the 49ers dominate other teams, I enjoy drinking good coffee, eating Nueske's delicious applewood smoked bacon, spending time playing with my two sons Isaac and Ian, relaxing and traveling with my wife Hollie, or playing games with friends around the dinner table.     


Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Master of Divinty

My education at Southwestern was what I considered the best of both worlds.  As an MDiv student, I was immersed in great theological training on how to handle and interpret God's Word, but I was also given the opportunity to take youth ministry classes that gave me a practical approach on how to reach and preach to teenagers.

2006 - 2009

West Acres Baptist Church, Evans, Georgia

Student Ministry Intern - Part-Time

I worked alongside the Student Pastor in coordinating and leading the Student Ministry services, small groups, and Bible study classes.  I helped the Student Pastor plan, lead, and facilitate camps, retreats, and mission trips for the student ministry.

2002 - 2006


First Baptist Church, Rockport, Texas

Youth Pastor - Full-Time

My main responsibility is providing leadership for the youth and college-aged ministry of the church.  This responsibility includes teaching and preaching to the students in worship, providing opportunities for discipleship, connecting parents with resources to spiritually lead their children, and give oversight to our lay volunteers. 

2009 - present

Church Employment

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