Jordan Mims

Youth Pastor and Speaker

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As a person passionate about reaching teenagers for Christ, I know one of the greatest influences on a teenager's life is their parents.  That is why part of my ministry is connecting parents to resources that will better help them point their teens to Jesus on a weekly and daily basis.

Here are a few resources and sites to check out for parents of teens and young children: - Dr. Richard Ross, professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, is a nationally recognized communicator and author on equipping parents to disciple their children, especially teenagers

RootedFamilies - Jaymi and Kara Blakenship, the founders of Rooted Families, have great resources and ideas on how to lead family discipleship in the home. They also provide coaching and mentorship for those that need some guided focus.

Center for Parent and Youth Understanding - Walt Mueller, founder of CPYU, is the Christian guru of all things in today's youth culture. At the CPYU site you can find countless resources on learning about the issues that teens are facing in today's culture such as CyberBullying, Sexting, Cutting, etc. 

D6 Family - D6 Family is a ministry that not only puts on the largest family ministry conference in the nation, but they also provide a large number of resources for families and churches to encourage and equip parents in discipling their children.  

Parent Resources

Weekly Parent Discipleship Tips

Every Friday, I post a 4-5 minute parent discipleship video tip to YouTube. These tips are designed to be a resource that parents can take and apply to their lives as they disciple their children. These tips range in topic. They are designed to not only equip parents, but also get them thinking about parent discipleship in a whole new way.

Click here to access those weekly tips, or check out the example below.